Inside Ave María

A long walk, a bicycle trail, a horseback ride, a good massage, a moment of relaxation in the pool become unique within the framework of Ave María in Tandil.


For those who want to cycle the landscapes of this beautiful place, we have 4 mountain bikes for those who dare to go up and down the mountain landscape. Not only will they enjoy the activity but they will also have fun walking the trails in a group.


Whether you are crossing the field in the shelter of wonderful and centuries-old trees, you cannot stop doing a good and energizing walk that will put you in direct contact with the nature of Tandil.


For those who love to ride and for those who have not yet dared but would like to, Estancia Ave María invites you to take a horseback ride through the countryside.

Horseback riding is another way to enjoy the immensity of the mountains, its views and perfumes, the large and clear skies to discover the most beautiful corners, such as the stone massif that supports the Virgin of Lourdes.


When it comes to cooling off and enjoying the water, we have a splendid pool surrounded by planted fields. It is a place to rest contemplating the best views of the mountains, a perfect alternative to end the day or start it.

When summer comes, the splendid pool is the ideal place to rest.


When it comes to forgetting the vicissitudes of city life, a hot bath and a good massage are part of the relaxation ceremony.

If you want to pamper yourself, we offer our guests an ideal masseuse to relieve pain and contractures.


Continuing with the green of the field, it is inevitable to pay a visit to our garden. Countless varieties of vegetables give a unique color and aroma to this wonderful space.

Outside Ave María

In Ave María we can advise you to carry out the following activities in the surroundings of Tandil:

> Paseo de los Pioneros
> Reserva Natural Sierra del Tigre
> El Valle del Picapedrero
> Paseo La Cascada


  • Bird watching
  • Golf
  • Trecking
  • Rappel
  • Rafting
  • Glider flights
  • Skydiving
  • ATVs

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